Tried and Tested: Liz Earle Countdown To Wedding Day Radiance

Most brides stress over their dress, wedding hair and make-up, small finishing touches and the day itself. However, have you thought about your skin? You want to look like a glowing radiant bride walking down the aisle without lashing on illuminous highlighter, but how? Today I’ll be reviewing Liz Earle products, make sure you check out their countdown to wedding day radiance guide.

Chances are you’re spending a lot of money on photography and with that comes close up shots! I have to be honest, when I got my professional wedding photos back in March this year a lot of close up shots showed every simple imperfection of my skin. Of course it’s normal to have imperfections, however I hadn’t treated my skin before hand to try and improve it, which in hindsight I wish I had as it really showed in the photos. I’m guilty to spending very little on my facial routine and have used basic cleanser and eye make up remover from Boots for years now. Whener I try and change skin products my face flares up and is extremely senstive. I was very excited to try products from a cruelty free British skincare brand and see the results for myself.

No matter how long you have until your big day, it’s never too late to start a facial routine and I’m proof of this. Liz Earle kindly sent me some goodies to review and I’m pleasantly surprised. All of these comments are my own and I’m being very honest. I’ve now been using Liz Earle products for ten days and have noticed a huge difference in not only the way I’m looking, but how it is effecting my overall daily make up and getting ready routine too.

Getting into this beauty routine was easy, as each product is such a joy to use. The lotions smell so natural and pure, it makes cleansing enjoyable! I’ve always found it a bit of a hassle but now look forward to doing this when I wake up and go to bed. So, I’m going to run through exactly what I’ve been using and how I found each product…

Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser £16.00

I’ll start with my favourite product, possibly ever. This cleanser is true to it’s word and I will be using every day from now on. The 100ml cleanser comes in a little bag complete with pure cotton cloth which gently exfoliates, lifting away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer and brighter-looking skin. It smells heavenly and feels even better. Using this cleanser is like having a mini facial in your own bathroom! I really enjoy circulating my face massaging in the creamy cleanser, using two pumps morning and night. I was doubtful that it would wash off all of my mascara (I wear a lot!) and it absolutely did the job. Once you have massaged it all in, the thin cotton cloth feels amazing when washing it all off and dries really quick after washing, ready to use again. My skin feels totally refreshed after every use and super soft. I noticed my break out spots improved within a couple of days and make up slid on much easier. I even use less foundation now than I used to as my skin is much more radiant. I have been fake tanning for around thirteen years and tan my face regularly. I even noticed that my dark tan sat on my face better. No dark spots of strange patches (which usually is the case). All round a winner!

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic £15.00

Straight after cleansing, I use cotton wool and lightly sweep my face with this revitalising toner, fragranced with a blend of pure essential oils, including rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange. Part of an easy 3-step routine, this alcohol free toner really brightens my skin without leaving my face feeling dried out and tight.

Superskin™ Moisturiser unfragranced for sensitive skin £39.00

This lovely non greasy sweet smelling moisturiser is great to use daily after cleansing and toning. Liz Earle have used natural ingredients to perfect this moisturiser. Oils from cranberry, rosehip, neroli and borage, iconic shea butter and pomegranate extract add to the natural formula. As soon as I opened it I could smell gorgeous cranberries and couldn’t wait to use it. You don’t need to use a lot, which is brilliant as this will last a long time. I’ve been using this on my face and neck daily and can definitely see an improvement in my skin. This product isn’t too thick or thin, smells heavenly and dries very quickly. Perfect for using before applying make-up in those rushed mornings. If you’re after a cream that deeply moisturises and takes away any tightness or dryness then this is for you. My make up now looks more even, without any dry patches.

Gentle Face Exfoliator £16.50

With it’s very refreshing scent I like to use this lightweight face exfoliator and mask once or twice a week. This scrub really prepares your skin for the soft mask. This is very gentle to use, it’s not harsh on the skin at all like other exfoliators I’ve used in the past. The beads are easy to wash off unlike many other brands and my skin felt super smooth after using this. Use the cotton cloth to make sure all of the product is removed before using the mask. This is a must if you don’t like rough scrubs and need something more gentle.

Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask £17.50

I was very impressed with this mask, it’s a nice treat for the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Once applied it doesn’t crack or dry tight on the face, it stays creamy and washes off well with the cotton cloth. This creamy botanical mask is enriched with West African shea and borage seed oil which leaves dry skin feeling hydrated and soothed. The fragrance is truly gorgeous and contains rose-scented geranium which is really refreshing. Apply a generous layer to your face and neck, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the cotton cloth in hot water to remove the mask for instant radiance. It feels amazing! This is also great to use straight after using the Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Botanical Shine™ Shampoo Limited Edition for all hair types and Botanical Shine™ Conditioner Limited Edition for normal hair £13.00

Silicone free and smelling absolutely wonderful, the lightweight limited edition shampoo is suited for all hair types, whilst the conditioner is for normal hair. The shampoo and conditioner contain no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

A foaming agent from a coconut is used instead to give a very gentle clean. This means lot of water is needed before applying the product, so make sure you saturate your hair before. A little product goes a long way, I always apply shampoo from the root and make sure my hair is soaking wet, so for me this foamed up straight away and smelt really tropical, containing apple and orange extract. The conditioner was creamy and felt really lovely to use. I usually use a lot of conditioner so decided to use less, which worked well for my hair. No knots or tangles, I enjoyed using both the shampoo and conditioner together. The fragrance is really uplifting and a treat to use each day. My hair looked glossy and healthy after blowdrying.

The stunning smell of the shampoo and conditioner stays in the hair, even my husband commented on the lovely smell. When I finished blowdrying my hair in sections, it looked very silky I didn’t need to straighten it as I usually do, blowdrying was enough which I was happy about! The floral packaging is beautiful and would make a great gift.

Eyebright™  Soothing Eye Lotion £15.00

Time to relax and treat your tired, puffy eyes, as this really does work. This is lovely to use every few days when you need a little TLC pamper time. Soak 2 cotton wool pads with the lotion, place on your eyes and lay back and relax for 5-10 minutes. This non oily soothing lotion contains herb eyebright, witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower which smells absolutely delightful. It removes any excess mascara and soothes the delicate eye area.

 Final Verdict

After my ten days of using the above, I can honestly say these products are worth the investment if you’re prone to break-outs. Created with the highest quality botanicals, Liz Earle face products achieve glowing, smooth results which I’m extremely happy with. Whether you have six months or six days until your big day, give your skin a home pamper and get your face in tip top condition! See the results for yourself and remember it’s never too late to try a facial skin care routine. Shop before midnight, Monday 28th August to enjoy free UK delivery on your entire order.


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