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Privacy Policy

What information does MyOneWedding collect and how is it used?

MyOneWedding may collect any or all of the following three types of information: 1) traffic or clickstream data, 2) cookies, or 3) contact information and other personally identifying information. Only the information in (2) is Personal Data which falls within the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. MyOneWedding’s collection and use of each type of data is described below, as well as the ways (if any) in which the data may be shared with third parties.

(1) Traffic or Clickstream Data.

Data about traffic and usage is not personally identifying or identifiable, and is not supplemented or combined with personally identifying or identifiable information. MyOneWedding may share information it collects with certain selected third parties, but only in aggregated, anonymous form.

(2) Cookies.

MyOneWedding uses cookies to see how frequently our users return to the Site. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information and are not combined with any other information we hold to provide us with personally identifiable information. Cookies let us know about repeat visitors and if we are delivering quality products and services. MyOneWedding may share information about usage of the Services collected by cookies with third parties, but only in aggregated, anonymous form.

(3) Contact Information or Personally Identifying Information.

MyOneWedding can obtain access to your personal data (such as name, e-mail address and other contact information only when you provide comments, submit a problem, or request information from MyOneWedding and provide your name or return contact information, or in connection with special offers, optional surveys or contests. In each case MyOneWedding will only collect, hold and process the personal data that you choose to provide to us, and for the purposes and in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy or otherwise provided to you at the time of the collection of your Personal Data.

Further notes

1. Contact information provided in connection with problems, comments or requests is used only to respond to those problems, comments or requests. This information is not stored or used in connection with traffic or clickstream data and is provided to third parties only as is reasonably necessary to respond to the comment, problem or request.

2. You may choose to provide other Personal Data, including contact information, other personally identifying information, and demographic information in order to participate in optional surveys or contests, which are run for promotional purposes. MyOneWedding uses such Personal Data to notify you if you win the contest.

Security of Personal Data

To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy and integrity, and ensure the appropriate use of information, MyOneWedding has put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the safety and security of the information it collects online, and ensures that any third party processing such information on MyOneWedding’s behalf is contractually obliged to put in place similar measures. However, data security is a constantly evolving art and science. You should consider any communication that you transmit to MyOneWedding (such as data, questions or answers, comments, or suggestions) as non-confidential, and agree that MyOneWedding will not be liable or responsible if information that belongs to you is intercepted and used by an unintended recipient.

MyOneWedding does not monitor, store or attempt to identify the name, home or office address, telephone number or email address of any person as a result of submitting a search query. As such, a search is entirely anonymous.

If you have concerns regarding our search service, please email

We provide this Online Privacy Statement to make you aware of our privacy policy in case you choose to share with us personally identifiable information. Should you do so, we are committed to ensuring the security of any personal information and will take reasonable care to ensure its security.

We will not sell or give your personally identifiable information to others. You may request that we cease to use any information that you have provided at anytime. However, we may release personal information in response to all court orders and lawful requests from governmental authorities.

We are working to make it easier for you to review the information we store about you and enable you, if necessary, to update or correct it.

Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, we may occasionally update this privacy statement. All revisions will be posted to this site and any change will not apply retrospectively to information that has been provided prior to the change without your specific positively given permission. If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please send them to