Do Something Entirely Different This Valentines Day

It’s nearly that time of the year again, other wise known as February the 14th, Valentines Day! The local shops are exploding with love heart cards, cute cookies and over priced chocolates. Whether you love it or hate it, most couples expect at least a card each year to keep up with traditions. These days many couples don’t want to spend a huge amount on each other and would rather have a cosy night in with a takeaway or perhaps not even celebrate it at all!

Bloom & Wild

If you’re wondering on how to celebrate in an anti-valentines way with no chocolate or red roses in sight this year then we have alternative date ideas for every couple and budget. Take a look at our A-Z date night ideas if you need lots of inspiration and cool ideas to get up off the sofa!

Yes it’s extremely commersionalised, however we think it’s always good to take some time out of your busy schedules to go and spend some time together as a couple and celebrate the fact that you love each other! If you’d rather spend it with your single girls, Galentines day is totally a thing too. Why not gather all your bridesmaids and have a prosecco/wine evening and do some wedding planning?

Handmade gifts

Is there anything more personal than a homemade gift? Give each other a challenge and try and make your own present. Handmade photo albums, poems, something to make them smile, the list is endless! A happy jar is a lovely idea that costs next to nothing. Cut up lots of paper and write anything you love about your love in a glass jam jar. The paper can symbolise funny memories, reasons why you love them and tokens or treats you can both enjoy for weeks to come. A note a day can really cheer someone up and start their day off with positivity. How many days have you loved each other for? How many days is it until you say ‘I do?’. Work it out and let them know!

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Save money on the massive valentines day bill and packed restaurant and head towards your local supermarket. Buy the ingredients and drink together to prepare a three course meal or brunch from scratch, on a budget! Give yourselves a limit and stick to it. Sure, it may not taste the same as a fancy restaurant but it will be much more fun. You could even give it a twist and rate each other for the different courses, try not to get too personal though!

Way Back When

Where did you both first meet? Surprise your OH by taking them back to where it all started, no matter where the location! See how much things have changed there since when you first met. Bring blankets and take a little picnic with some bubbly and nibbles, they’ll love it.

Back To Nature

Go for a long walk and take a warm coat and blanket, walk until you get lost! Take some food, a flask of tea and see where you both end up. Drive to the nearest beach, go on a bike ride, or go to a county you’ve never been before to explore. Go stargazing, camping or glamping! Book a caravan holiday together in the UK and explore a county you’ve never been to.

Tourist For The Day

Go to your nearest city and research all the free attractions you can enjoy. Museums, exhibitions, old buildings, free tour guides, you’ll be surprised how much you’re missing out on. What about taking an open top bus and seeing all the sights? Wrap up warm and discover some local hidden gems all with a hot choclate in hand.

Comedy Nights

Scan the net and find cheap tickets for comedians, bands or theatre performances going on around you from £5.00. Even if you’ve never heard of the act, give it a go and book the ticket, you may love it! 

There are plenty of things you can enjoy on a smaller budget. All in all, have a wonderful day laughing whatever you end up doing! Do you have any plans for Valentines day? Let us know!

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