Save Money, Get Wed: 10 Cheap Alternative Wedding Venues

Have you just recently got engaged? Congratulations! If you’re on the look out for an amazing bargain wedding venue, then get a cup of tea and read on. Venues book up very quickly so our number one advise would be to find the venue first and put down the deposit to secure it. We have top tips to help you save every penny for your big day. First things first, consider booking your venue on a week day out of the summer months as this will be cheaper. Generally speaking wedding venues charge a premium as they are experienced in their field. They have expert staff, incredible photo backdrops and can head you towards catering and entertainment options, all with a wedding co-ordinator at hand. Sure, this all sounds amazing, however there will be a price to pay.

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Weddings must take place in a venue that has been given a full marriage licence by the local authority – these usually include churches, stately homes or registry offices. Remember, plenty of couples actually finalise the legal marriage before the wedding day and have a blessing on the day at their chosen alternative venue, so this doesn’t need to be an issue. The question is where do you go to after the legalities without spending tens of thousands of pounds?

Here at myonewedding we adore a good bargain and an incredible wedding at an affordable price. Quite frankly it’s time to think outside of the extortionate wedding box. Where could you declare your love for each other and party the night away without those high price point premium rates? Where can you think of which isn’t technically a wedding venue but could totally rock being one? Where do the both of you love going and enjoy spending time? The more you start to think about you as a couple and what you both love, the ideas will start to beam as a light bulb above you. Get creative and don’t feel stupid with your ideas! Even if a venue doesn’t state it caters for wedding parties, it may well do, you just need to ask and find out. Chances are you’ve looked into local rugby, golf and football clubs, but where else is there to celebrate your marriage? Without breaking the bank of course!

Here are our top 10 alternative wedding venues which will save you money…

1. Woodland, Farms and Barns

If a magical outdoor secret garden woodland setting appeals to you, then contact owners of land in the area you are interested in getting married in. They may not have even had a wedding there before, if you don’t ask, you don’t get! You can decorate the outdoors very easily with bunting, mushroom props, fairly lights and lots of teepee tents. Remember, don’t just search for wedding fields to get married in, scroll through google until you find something you think could just work and make them an offer.

2. Village halls

We’ve all been to a birthday party in a village hall when we were younger, or a jumble sale coffee morning. However, village halls are so transformable and are incredibly cheap to hire out for a wedding receptions. They won’t have a bar which means you will have to buy your own alcohol and keep this cold all night. Food hygiene, clearing up and decorating will need to be a joint effort by family and friends a lot of the time. If this suits you then take advantage of the help and deck your chosen village hall out however you like to add personality to your day. You could even get guests involved by bringing their own bake off style wedding cupcakes and treats, and have a buffet of delicious food to enjoy.

3. Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs and Bars

Did you know a lot of smaller independent restaurants and bars will hire out their entire premises for you if you agree to order food and drink from them for a certain amount of people? Perhaps there’s a special restaurant you had your first date at or love the thought of a smaller more intimate setting. Ring around and ask, what have you got to lose?

4. Schools

I know – I’m sorry, if you disliked school like me then maybe you just shuddered at the thought of getting married or partying after at a school. However, I was very shocked myself looking for a wedding reception venue earlier this year that schools can be quite beautiful. Spiral grand stairs, dark traditional wood and large gardens can be found in gems across your local towns. Again, you will have to either pay for a bar to come in and staff to serve or stick to buckets with ice to keep your alcohol and drinks cold. You doing the extra work means less premium payouts, which means more money for you!

5. Eloping where ever you want

If this just isn’t an option for you, then skip ahead to number 6. We completely get it. Eloping just the two of you certainly isn’t for everyone. However, it can be a truly wonderful experience at a cheap cost. Where have you always wanted to go? Do you love the thought of the beautiful bright lights of Vegas? Or perhaps an intimate beach setting with sea breeze and sand sounds more appealing? If you’ve been considering getting married without the stressful planning and audience, then consider a truly incredible location for just the two of you and see what you find, you may just discover what you’ve been looking for.

6. Your home or a relatives garden

Why not host your wedding party at your own home? Somewhere you are both comfortable in and love. If you have or know anyone who has an amazing garden then take full advantage of that opportunity. Chances are they will be thrilled to help you out and make some money themselves!

7. Vacant Spaces: Warehouses, Loft Spaces and Yards

This may take a fair amount of researching, but if you’re looking for a more edgy venue then consider industrial empty spaces which aren’t currently vacant. Call around and ask as many owners as possible if they’d be happy to let it out as a party venue. Modern spaces like this are a cool blank canvas to decorate and have a whole atmosphere of their own.

8. Community and Conference Centre’s

These places are usually used for team days out of the office, local town meetings and general meetings. These buildings will have function rooms perfect for a wedding reception. Take a look at your nearest centres and ask if they accommodate for weddings.

9. Youth Hostels and Boarding Schools

You’re not allowed to judge yet until you hear us out! This may never have been a thought before, however youth hostels are becoming more popular for wedding receptions due to space, exclusivity and bunk bed dorms! You simply hire the whole venue out so its exclusively yours. If you like the idea of guests staying and having breakfast together the next day then this option may well be perfect for you. There is always a choice for guests to get their own accommodation if they prefer not to stay in bunk beds, so just make sure this is very clear on the invite. However this can be great fun for large groups of family and friends.

10. Air BnB

Villas, lake cabins, castles, large homes, the list is endless! Not just for travellers, Air Bnb is an amazing hub to find a venue for your wedding. Many properties seat up to 150 guests in the garden and have plenty of bedrooms to accommodate your parents, family and bridesmaids.

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