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Ten Fun Table Plans We Love

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Sure, you have over 100 things to complete for the wedding day and the table wedding plan is one you may not be looking forward to, or one you don’t want to spend a long time doing. We totally agree, however you may as well have a bit of fun with it and give your guests something to talk about! Here are our favourite table plans sure to inspire…

1) Find your photo

£125.00, Rodo Creative

2) Ladder

John Lewis, £19.95

3) Plant pots

£70.00, M&S

4) In a suitcase

Cards £3.95, A Beautiful Day

5) Frames

Wooden Heart, £155.00 Imander Wedding Signs

6) Mirrors/ Doors

£50.00, Lettered By Jo

7) Bunting

£10.00, Aarlotte Designs

8) Hanging table plans

Source: Love My Dress

9) Banner

£125.00, White Cottage Paper

10) Key to your seat

£90.00, Jade And Company Crafts

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